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How We Got Here


Stone Hill View is an Australian country lifestyle brand and farming business located in Regional Victoria, Australia. Our foundations come from the simple idea that if we love it and use it…there must be others that will love it and use it just as much as us.

We love designing, manufacturing and sourcing products that are not only beautiful, but are truly functional. With an uncompromising commitment to quality, you can be assured that the only reason an item makes our product range is because we use it ourselves.


At Stone Hill View we believe there is still a place for those simple, tactile products that remind us of years gone by…the smell of leather, the warmth of a woollen blanket, items made by hand. It’s things like this that connect us to our Australian heritage.


At Stone Hill View we celebrate those moments in life that give us an opportunity to truly share with one another. Whether it be picnics in the countryside, great conversation around a dinner table, or story time in front of the fire, it’s these kinds of moments that we never want to see forgotten.


Stone Hill View also has a farming operation with a focus on producing the highest quality seasonal produce.  We currently produce award winning extra virgin olive oil, cut flowers, a variety of vegetables, and have exciting plans for numerous other crops in the near future.

A wool blanket is a gift for life...

We love hearing stories from customers of how a Stone Hill View Recycled Wool Tartan Blanket reminds them of a blanket they received for their 21st birthday all those years ago. For a long time the gift of a blanket was a strongly held tradition, a gift that would accompany someone throughout the journey of life, and would last a lifetime.

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