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Park Rug

Park Rug

Much like our Country Rug, but about half the size, the Stone Hill View Park Rug is Australia’s best and most versatile protective backed picnic blanket. Unlike traditional picnic blankets, our Park Rug can not only be used with the protective backing attached, but the blanket can also be removed and used as a blanket by itself. Picnic rug or baby/knee blanket, the choice is yours!


Made in Australia, our unique design means that when your out and about and things get a little chilly, simply disconnect the blanket and snuggle up. Or if something is accidently spilt on the blanket, removing the blanket and putting it in then wash couldn’t be easier.


Recycled Wool Tartan Blanket with blanket stitch detail


Woven from 75% Recycled Wool, 25% Mixed Recycled Fibres.


Made from Recycled Wool, our tartan blankets are not only incredibly beautiful, soft against the skin, and durable like only wool is, but using recycled wool means you can play a part in addressing some of the sustainability challenges faced by the textile industry.


When woolen products are recycled, existing fibres are typically too short to spin into yarn. To overcome this challenge, we incorporate a blend of other longer mixed recycled fibres to help create the yarn from which our blankets are made. Soft and warm, all the benefits of wool, and great for the environment.


Canvas Backing


Made from Australian made canvas, the same kind of material swags are made from, our Park Rug backing not only has a great look, but is super tough and durable. Ideal for stopping moisture from seeping through onto your blanket and bottoms, it is made to last for the long haul.


Size | Approx. 95cm x 155cm

Designed In | Australia

Made In | Australia

Care | Blanket - cold machine wash on wool cycle. Lay flat to dry.

  • Return & Refund Policy

    If for some reason you are not satisfied with this product, please return it undamaged and in new condition within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price.

  • Shipping Info

    All items purchased from Stone Hill View will be shipped within 3 business days. If for some reason we cannot send your item within 3 days, we will contact you. You will be notified once the item has been shipped. Shipping costs will be advised at checkout. All purchases over $150, shipping is free.

Blanket Stitch Colour
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